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{Friends First with Very Culinary} Macadamia Nut Butterscotch Cookie Pie

Macadamia nuts, butterscotch chips, and white chocolate chips join forces in a delicious pie that couldn’t be easier. Happy Saturday, friends! Can you even believe that it is March already? I can only hope that March brings with it more sunshine and fewer snowflakes than February did.  I know that I am always excited to …

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Flaky Tender Pie Crust

A mixture of half butter and half shortening, along with a splash of vinegar, make this pie crust perfectly tender, flaky, and delicious. Yesterday we examined the difference between butter and shortening in pie crust. Can anyone tell me what we learned? Anyone? Anyone?  (Name that movie.) Ok, let’s recap: Because shortening is 100% fat, …

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Streusel-Topped Sweet Potato Pie

Streusel-Topped Sweet Potato Pie combines a creamy sweet potato custard filling with an amazing layer of crunchy brown sugar streusel. Move over, pumpkin pie, there’s a new dessert in town. This past Sunday, my hometown was hit by a tornado that completely devastated the area. My best friend and her husband live just a block …

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