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Whole wheat

Double Gingerbread Cake

Double Gingerbread Cake is packed with two forms of ginger and is moist, flavorful and perfect for a cozy winter snack. Are you on team Pro-Gingerbread or Meh-Gingerbread? Personally, I have always been on team Pro-Gingerbread. I love it. Gingerbread cookies, gingerbread cake, gingerbread houses (which are, admittedly, generally less edible after they’ve been sitting …

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Pumpkin Cinnamon Chip Cookies

Ok, so I’m not normally a big fan of pumpkin. WHAT?! Yeah, I know. Blasphemy. Especially considering that I grew up just a town over from the Libby’s Pumpkin headquarters. The Morton Pumpkin Festival is one of the biggest happenings (ok…maybe the biggest happening) (ok…basically the only happening) in the area all year. And yet…pumpkin just isn’t …

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Multi-Grain Sourdough Boule {And a King Arthur Flour Giveaway!}

I hope y’all enjoy getting ideas for how to use your sourdough starter every month as much as I enjoy giving them to you. I may have successfully kept my cats alive on my own for two years now, but I was skeptical that I could keep a sourdough starter alive. Yet aside from one …

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