holiday cookie collage

Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet?

Have you even started your Christmas shopping yet?

I wish I could help you out with a round-up of great gift ideas, but putting together gift guides is hard — I get too distracted by cookie recipes and shiny things and fall down a simultaneous Pinterest/Etsy rabbit hole. That being said, I did put together a little Amazon store with some of my favorite kitchen tools, ingredients, cookbooks, and great reads. Everything I have included is something that I own and really do use/love, so you can be sure that the foodie and/or bookworm in your life will appreciate them, too.

So, since we’ve established that I’m really much better with cookies than I am with suggesting what you should buy for your mom/coworker/best friend…may I present you with a round-up of some great cookies? You no doubt still have about 9,234 parties to attend between now and January 1, and any of these cookies would be a hit at your next shindig. So hit up these awesome blogs, grab your butter and sugar, and start baking!

baked bree surprise cookies

baker chick brown butter snickerdoodles

eat the love speculaas

foodiecrush snowball coookies

i am baker meringues

pineapple coconut shortbread

recipe girl red velvet

roasted root pluot cookies

sallys baking addictions

two peas soft gingersnaps

very culinary pistachio thumbprints

whipped melting snowman cookies

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    1. Girl. I seriously had THE WORST time trying to pick which cookie from your site to feature. You only have about 99 million cookie recipes to choose from! Instead of the post I did, I could have put one sentence: Go to Kayle’s site and go to town. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  1. What a fantastic list Stephie! Yum, I want to try all of them! (P.S just spotted that you have a recipe for Afajores already, I just created my own and I would’ve used yours as reference if I’d known about it! They look delicious) x

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