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Apple Dumplings

When I get a recipe in my head, there’s no resting until I make it happen.

These apple dumplings came about in exactly that way: I found myself, somewhat out of the blue, with a craving for apple dumplings. And to top it off, I just knew I could do better than using canned biscuit dough or questionable soda in making them.

You’ve probably already guessed where this is going: I had to drop everything and make these dumplings a reality. Are they better than any recipe using canned biscuits and soda? You bet. Are they still just as easy? Absolutely.

These gorgeous dumplings will make a fantastic dessert (or even brunch item!) for your family this Easter.

Head on over to Food Fanatic for the recipe!


    1. Ginger beer isn’t actually “beer” like you’d think of it! It just tastes like super strong ginger ale. 🙂 So you get a nice ginger flavor but it’s not “hoppy” like beer is!

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