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All the drinks, snacks, and desserts you could need for a fabulous girls’ night in.

30 Recipes for Girls' Night In
Guys, the moment has come. The day Boyfriend and Stef’s husband have been waiting for:

Tonight is the finale of this season of The Bachelorette and the end of #TheBacheloretteParty.

The Bachelorette Party graphic
But before we move on from all of the dramadramadrama (at least for now), I took a few minutes to collect some recipes for throwing the perfect Girls’ Night In from a few of my favorite blogs.

Cocktails? Check.

Mocktails? Got those, too.

Snacks? Done.

Desserts? Was there ever any doubt?

So take a moment to click through and visit each of these sites, check out their delicious (and sometimes boozy) recipes, and plan away for the perfect girls’ night. Then meet Stef and I on Twitter tonight for a finale version of #TheBacheloretteParty. You know you can’t wait for the man tears.


cheesy pretzel dogs



  1. Cheers to all the girl’s nights in! This is the most beautiful roundup I ever did see…my girlfriends and I thank you…because we may or may not make every single recipe in a single girls night. P.S. I want to girls night with yooooooou!!

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