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90-Minute Buttercrust Bread is a quick and easy sandwich bread that is done in 90 minutes, start to finish. You’re closer to fluffy, soft sandwich bread perfection than you think. 

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90-Minute Buttercrust Bread

Alex and I closed on our house last Wednesday. We are officially homeowners.

Wow, that feels amazing to say.

We spent much of the Thanksgiving weekend working on the house – starting to paint, removing wallpaper (with only slight success…folks, do your future selves and future homeowners a favor and DO NOT go the wallpaper route), installing new light fixtures, replacing the drawer pulls in the kitchen…and generally making the house our own. I promise to share photos as soon as we are settled and there aren’t boxes everywhere. For now, you can always follow along on Instagram for random sneak peeks as we go.

Throughout this slightly stressful time of buying a house, I – as a bit of a stress-eater – was once again reminded of a pretty solid fact: Bread is a necessity in my life.

No, it is not an option. Neeeeeeed. It is my ultimate comfort food.

No, I don’t think I would fare well on a gluten-free diet. But that’s another discussion for another day. For now, it is all about the bread.

That said, I don’t always have time to make bread from scratch. I love homemade bread – it is one of my very favorite things (clearly), but it can be a little time consuming. Sure, I love Baked Potato Bread, Wheat Germ Bread or even Carrot Raisin Bread. But when I only have a couple of hours to bake and need something that can be made lickety-split?

90-Minute Buttercrust Bread to the rescue.

That’s right. 90 minutes. And, unlike many homemade yeast breads, that isn’t just rising time – that is the amount of time it will take you to make this bread from start to finish. Just an hour and a half!

Buttercrust Bread1

And let me tell you, you won’t notice a difference in this recipe. A few simple tricks (such as using a stellar yeast like Red Star Platinum Yeast and letting your dough rise in a barely-warm oven) is all you need to make this magic happen. Soft, fluffy, butter-blessed bread heaven.

This bread also makes the best toast. I might have eaten an entire loaf by myself because I couldn’t stop toasting it and slathering it in butter and jam. In fact, I had to give away the second loaf to one of my coworkers (who was in the middle of renovating her own kitchen, which seemed like a reason to need homemade bread if ever I had heard one) just to keep myself from inhaling both loaves at once. It seems charitable but really, she was doing me a favor by taking it away from me. I cannot be held responsible for my actions when homemade bread is involved.

Hop on over to Red Star Yeast’s website for this 90-Minute Buttercrust Bread Recipe.

90-Minute Buttercrust Bread Photo

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  1. you receipt calls for 5 1/2 cups to 6 C of bread flour instructions say 2 1/2 of flour plus yeast what happen to other 3 cups of flour

      1. HI Stephie,
        I ran out of Platinum Redstar yeast, I have rapid rise and active dry yeast will either one of work?
        Thank you.

  2. I change little of the Buttercrust Bread recipes. I wanted it to be more puffy and softy in side but nevertheless that the bread crumbs remains thinly and crunchy.
    i included little botter what had softened in the room temp..I added the broken and dried corn corn
    as well as wheat starch . I use as well , less of the yeast as it give me possible to rise for a long time the dough
    and it will be straight to seen in the dough stuffy…… and in the ready bread…..

    1. I haven’t done this recipe with a dough hook so I can’t say for sure, but shouldn’t take very long – maybe 5 minutes or so? Mix until it forms a smooth ball and pulls away from the sides of the bowl.

  3. Olga: I just made this with my dough hook….five minutes is perfect on lowest setting. Came out wonderful…Thanks, Stephie for the delicious and easy to make recipe.

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