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Raisin-Filled Holiday Ring is flavored with cinnamon, orange and almonds for the perfect Christmas morning breakfast.

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Holiday Raisin Ring3

I should be packing right now.

I should be throwing everything I own into any box I see. I should be a whirling dervish of packing prowess.

Instead, I think it is much more important to tell you about this Raisin-Filled Holiday Ring. Never mind the fact that I am writing this on Thursday evening and we move Saturday morning. Never mind the fact that only about 1/3 of our belongings are currently packed. That’s what Friday night is for…right? (Don’t answer that.) Making sure you guys have a recipe for Christmas morning is clearly much more important. (Don’t ask Alex what he thinks about those priorities.)

Holiday Raisin Ring1

This will be our first Christmas in our own home, not spending it shuttling around from location to location. We won’t have a tree or really any decorations to speak of up, but it will be special nonetheless. We will do presents and big family dinners on different days, so Christmas day we plan to have our parents over for something of a housewarming dinner. I am contemplating making this Wine-Braised Oxtail recipe that I made for Alex and I this past Valentine’s day and serving it over polenta. Possibly Julia Child’s Beef Bourguignon. Haven’t decided yet.

Either way, I’ll be sure to start the day on a sweet note with a lovely breakfast. If you’re planning to do the same (and who doesn’t on Christmas morning?), I highly recommend this recipe. It is an impressive bread that will have your family oooh-ing and ahh-ing about how fabulous you are. The assembly takes a bit of work, but I’m ok with that when making the dough is incredibly easy (and it always is when we use our favorite Red Star Yeast).  When I made this, I sent leftovers to work with Alex and there was hardly a speck of glaze left on the plate when he brought it home that evening.

Holiday Raisin Ring4

Between the sweet glaze, the crunchy toasted almonds and the filling stuffed with our favorite holiday flavors (raisins, orange, cinnamon and more almonds), I am guessing you’ll experience the same reaction. Just make sure you snag yourself a piece before they’re all gone.

Head over to Red Star Yeast to grab this Raisin-Filled Holiday Ring recipe.

Holiday Raisin Ring2

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  1. This looks so delicious Stephie! I love anything that’s filled with Christmas-y fruit, particularly if said item is bread (uh, yep… CARBS. Totally in it for the carbs). And your commitment to Christmas goodness? Completely admirable. I mean, you can’t move on an empty, non-festive stomach, right?! It’s been so exciting seeing your transition to the new house – what an awesome way to start the new year!! Enjoy settling in, lovely one! xxx

    1. I just now found this recipe and site and I was thinking.. heck I’m not waiting until December! ;o) Sounds delicious, like something my Mom made when my Sisters and I were growing up. She taught up so much about baking, cooking, cleaning, manners.

      My Sisters (5 of us) and I realize just how blessed we are to have had a Mum to allow us in the kitchen. She’d give us some pasty dough to work with while she was making pies. We’d make little turnovers with jam inside and be so proud to present them to my Dad ♥ Maybe a wee bit darker on the edges but he’d always take the prize baked goods from his Girls and we’d be so proud of our hard work. We were Bakers of course! :O)

      One afternoon I came home from school after learning how to make Creme Puffs in Home Ec Class (do they still teach that? They should! We all learned so much in that class) and casually asked my Dad: “Dad, would you like some cream puffs?” He said: “Sure! You know how to make them?!” So I whipped them up and for 7th grade I look back and that was pretty darn cool that I could make them. They aren’t hard but when you’re in Jr. high who whips up a batch of them?

      Anyhow thanks for letting me reminisce… my parents are gone now so us girls talk and think of them so often and wish at times they really could be here again even for an event or a moment in time. Even just to say to my Dad… Geesh Dad, you said as you get older time goes by even faster. Boy was he ever right… it flies by doesn’t! I just wanna say to him… Wow, Dad you were right! So many times I wanna say “Oh Dad you were right!” “I’m so sorry, I was such a silly teenager and didn’t listen… I love you and always have!”

      Always, always always, cherish you parents, siblings and above all your Sisters because when you lose one life changes and it’s never the same again. Then there was 4….and now I have the best 3 Sisters ever possible! Except I usually say I have 4 because I do, she’s always be in my heart.

      BTW.. I think chocolate chunks in the pastry ring,would be delicious… I blame Lisa… I read her post up above “Chocolate Meets Strawberry” and it came to mind!

  2. i have a sour dough starter which you feed each week w water..instant potato flakes and sugar. it makes a delicious bread but do you have any more recipes for it?

  3. I always love sweets you got me at one look yummy
    ???? lady. Ms. Deborah. Lewis. Milwaukee. Wisconsin

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