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Chicken Lasagna

Lasagna in the summer?

I know, maybe I’m crazy. But lasagna is comfort food, and I can eat comfort food year-round.

This chicken lasagna is no exception to the comfort food rule. With a creamy white sauce studded with peppers and onions and layered with spinach, chicken, cheese and no-boil noodles, this lasagna is delicious, balanced, and easy to put together. Make it for company, or just make it on a Thursday.

Head on over to Food Fanatic for the article and recipe!


  1. This looks super tasty! I’m a vegetarian, but I bet with a few extra veggies in place of the chicken it would be just as delicious. Nice work!

  2. I’m lusting over this! I used to love everything that had the campbell’s cream of mushroom soup in it and of course now (while I would still love the taste) I won’t touch the stuff. Love that this is a comfort food I would make any time of year! You ain’t crazy girl, you’s smart!

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