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Well friends, welcome to my crazy brain, part two.

I had planned to share a recipe for Cumin Sweet Potato Fries with a Tahini Yogurt Dipping Sauce with you today. Totally not Thanksgiving-ish (aside from the use of sweet potatoes), but perhaps a fun alternative to the stuffings and pies and various squash recipes that most (normal) bloggers are probably posting this week.

But see, here’s the thing. When I am playing with a recipe, I jot down my notes/ingredients/amounts on a notepad on my refrigerator. Perfect place, right? Well, today I decided to take a little extra vacation time and leave a day early for my grandmother’s in Indiana. Thus, I am currently in Indiana. Guess what is still on my fridge in Chicago? The notepad with my recipe.


So, sadly, no recipe for you today. I will, however, give you a Thanksgiving teaser. Are you ready for this?

The oven is broken.

Perhaps not dead as a doornail, but pretty darn close.

Not to worry! We have a plan. Which I will share with you in a couple of days (here is a hint: it involves more than one slow cooker and a roasting oven purchased at Wal-Mart this evening). I also have what I am *hoping* will be a delicious dessert recipe that I am planning to share with you. So plenty of exciting things are coming, along with those sweet potato fries, just as soon as I get back to my casa and my brain.

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