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The Bachelorette Party

Well, guys, we are now to the point in the show were every guy who gets eliminated is fair game to be the next Bachelor. Since I am not sure I like any of these guys for Andi (because it is obviously my opinion that matters most here), I am probably going to have to start evaluating these goobers for next season.

Also, let’s get this out of the way, too – these Suave Salon Professionals commercials are driving me crazy.

I’m really in a mood tonight.

First date of the week should have gone to Cody – who is actually starting to grow on me – but instead went to Nick. Ok, guys, what is her deal with Nick? She gets all googly-eyed every time he is around, and I just don’t get it. I think he’s a straight-up slime-ball, and a kind of goofy-looking one at that. The fact that he knows how to manipulate Andi and tell her exactly what she wants to hear every time she sees him makes my skin crawl.

He gets the rose, they make out, I barf. Next!

Continuing with this season’s tradition of bizarre group dates, this week the men are each forced to take a lie detector test – Because that’s the most romantic thing I can think of to do on a date.

Even though we found out through all of this that Chris is Andi’s secret admirer (I could just pinch his cute cheeks!), Andi chose to tear up the results in hopes that the men would come clean on their own. Josh had a freak-out session about the situation anyway, giving Andi a lecture about how relationships are built on trust – which, ironically, made Andi second-guess tearing up the results. Isn’t life a funny thing?

Chris gets the rose, JJ gets mad at the guys congratulating each other all the time, everyone (except for Chris) pouts like a four-year-old.

Biggest surprise of the week: Cody’s one-on-one date. I’m not saying that I think he is some sort of genius, but he did demonstrate that there is something more to him than muscles and cartoon-character hair. And yet…home he went. Was it the incredibly deep V t-shirt that showed too much man-cleavage that made the decision for her?

In addition to Cody, JJ got the boot this week, which was (truly) a bit shocking after Josh’s little snit-fit on the group date. But apparently Andi could never get past not understanding what a “Pantsapreneur” was, either.

Tonight’s odd mixture of whiny men, man-cleavage, skorts and side-boob made me need a cocktail . Good thing Stef is always willing to oblige.

See you back next Monday! Make sure to stop by for another great girls’ night recipe and to follow along with #TheBacheloretteParty on Twitter.


  1. I’m still sad about JJ. His date with Andi where they dressed up as creepy old people will always be one of my faves. We will have to pour out some of our wine for him and some protein shake for Cody. Nice knowing you boys. Here is what needs to happen next; Josh needs to go, she needs to drop Nick before a rose ceremony like midshow, and Dylan and his dirty hair and hands need to go. I think the word to describe Nick is smarmy. He just looks like the perfect embodiment of that word. Ugh.

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