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The Bachelorette Party

This week was hometown dates – my favorite episode all season! Let’s do this!

Nick: Much like Nick’s personality, his hometown date was pretty boring. Well, aside from the fact that all 10 of his siblings, plus some spouses, were there to meet interrogate Andi. Honestly, if this only child had walked into that house, I might have turned around and booked it in the opposite direction. Props to Andi for not losing it. Also, Nick’s youngest sister Bella definitely implied that she knows her brother is not as cute as the rest of the guys during her interrogation, which pretty much made my night.

Chris: Chris’s date was actually pretty cute, aside from the fact that Andi’s constant awe at everything tractor-related was driving my farm-boy boyfriend up a wall. (“Has she never seen a tractor before?” No, probably not.) At one point Andi asked Chris what she could do for a living if she lived there, to which is replied that there is opportunity to become a homemaker. Andi did not seem thrilled by this. She did, however, seem to get along well with his adorable parents and 3 sisters, who did their familial duty by greeting her with huge bear hugs and telling her embarrassing stories about Chris. They’re good people. This makes me even more nervous that she is not going to choose him.

Josh: On Josh’s date, he and Andi…played baseball. And talked incessantly about how he used to play pro ball. I swear, if we had to take a shot every time Josh talked about how he used to be a pro athlete, we’d be hammered before the commercial break.

It would seem that Josh’s current job is being his brother’s prime cheerleader and going to his football games. Andi does not seem too keen on being a part of this cheerleading squad, as far as I can see. Even Josh’s younger sister told Andi, in reference to having to attend so many football games, “You’re probably going to fight about it.” RED FLAG, Andi. Also, you better beef up on all of your sports if you’re going to hang out with this crew.

Marcus: On this date, Marcus chose to reenact their first group date. Does anyone remember what the first group date was? Anyone? Bueller? Yes, that’s right – STRIPPING. Marcus is a nice looking guy, but save it for the fantasy suite, dude.

In other news, Marcus’s mother joined the other 3 mothers in announcing that she is certain her son is in love, which means that the end of this season is going to be particularly messy. Mo’ love, mo’ drama.

Immediately following the last hometown dates, the cast and crew were brought together to learn that Eric Hill, former cast member, had died. My only comment on this is that I still wish the show’s producers had rethought the way they chose to televise the situation. I am sure they have their reasons, but a message from Eric’s family and friends would have been a nice tribute.

In the end, Andi sent home Marcus, meaning that we will be seeing Josh, Chris, and Nick next week in the fantasy suite for overnight dates. I’ll be watching through my fingers, as per usual, since the words “fantasy suite” make me squirmy just typing them.

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