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Wednesday things

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Some thoughts on a Wednesday:

  1. I tried my hand at tortilla española again last night. This time my method was good – it cooked through (phew!). Problem: it had formed such a strong bond with the pan in which it was cooked that it pitched a fit when I asked it to leave. There was screaming, crying, general tantrum throwing…and that was just on my end. The end result, while delicious, was ugly. So I shall try, try again. With a different pan this time.
  2. Guys, I really wasn’t kidding when I told you earlier this week about my struggles with getting incredibly bored during my workouts. Does anyone else have this problem? I’ve tried everything I can think of to keep my mind occupied, including, but not limited to: new playlists/Pandora stations, reading (magazines AND books), Netflix…but it seems like no matter what I try, after 5 minutes I am going insane! Working hard and sweating up a storm, yes, but mind-numbingly bored! I need suggestions here, people. I’m falling off the exercise bandwagon and I can’t get back on it!
  3. Please don’t expect my problems to be solved by simply telling me to “just run outside”. My feelings regarding running can pretty much be summed up here.
  4. We can now add Christina’s iced tea to last week’s list of things I’m currently obsessing over. I’ve made it approximately 4 times in the last 6 days. It’s hard to say if Boyfriend is as obsessed as I am, but he keeps drinking it so I will take that as a positive sign and keep going.
  5. This afternoon, as I was typing away at my computer, my friend Grace strode into my office, handed me a book called An Edible History of Humanity and announced that she has finally perfected her “create your own adventure” recipe for breakfast muffins. It was hard to determine which of these things excited me more.

Say it with me now: Nerd. Alert.

Anyone want a kitten who hides in grocery sacks, loses catnip mice underneath your dresser approximately 16 times a day and has meowing fits precisely one hour before your alarm goes off on a regular basis?

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Wednesday 18th of April 2012

I love getting shout-outs! Also, the first time I made a frittata (Italian for tortilla espana), it worked. Which is not really like me... so I'll bring you the instructions I followed. Maybe you can translate it to Spanish! xoxo


Wednesday 18th of April 2012

Awww so glad you like it! What flavors are you making?! :)


Wednesday 18th of April 2012

I've been doing 1 black tea bag and 1 passion fruit and papaya tea bag (although I just ran out of black and just HAD to have some for dinner tonight so I made a batch with only the fruity tea, which actually has some black tea in it so it still works). As soon as I find some peach nectar (seriously, where?!) I will be giving that a try!