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These gluten-free Italian-style meatballs are a perfect solution for entertaining or for family dinners. 

Gluten-Free Italian Meatballs

It’s time to take a poll! Are you ready?

Go ahead and raise your hand if you have a friend or family member with some sort of dietary restriction.

Now, keep your hand raised if you have someone in your life who maintains a gluten-free diet.

That’s what I thought: there are still a lot of hands raised.

Thank you for participating in my fake poll.

I recently promised to share Boyfriend’s famous meatball recipe with you. Well, this is not it. (Don’t you hate it when people pull that crap?) I am still going to share that recipe with you, but the thing is…his recipe contains breadcrumbs. And today we are talking about all things gluten-free.

I’ll be honest, even though I have several friends who are gluten-free, I still have a hard time convincing myself to go out of my way to buy wacky, expensive ingredients to make a gluten-free recipe. So when I started investigating the idea of gluten-free meatballs, I was struck by an idea:

What would happen if I added ricotta to my meatball recipe?

As fate would have it, ricotta makes a pretty good binder in meatballs. Not to mention that it’s easy to find and, at the end of the day, you get an extra serving of cheese. I know I don’t have to take any polls to determine that a little extra cheese will  put most of you in your happy place.

Pair these gluten-free meatballs with your favorite gluten-free spaghetti and a lovely side salad and you have a meal that is perfect for serving to your hard-to-feed friends and family members. Freeze leftover meatballs for a quick and easy meal later on!

Head on over to Food Fanatic to check out the article!


  1. I could kiss you. Ricotta? You freaking genius. For a non gf person, you’re damn good at this gf thing. I want all the balls. Meatballs, that is! 😉

  2. Considering we have 64 pounds of ground beef in the freezer, I’m thinking some of these need to be on the menu ASAP. I mean, extra cheese? Yes, please.

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