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The Bachelorette Party
This week was the Men Tell All. I always love Men/Women Tell All – I love getting the dirt on everyone and the opinions from the contestants once they have actually watched the show.

I like the drama, ok? #shocker

This season, we got to spend the first 20 minutes of the show learning that…former contestants (now married) Ashley and JP are pregnant! And they’re moving to Miami! And they did a live ultrasound and it’s a boy! Because we definitely cared about all of that and none of it was weird to do on live TV.

Other highlights from the evening (although how does it really get better than an on-air ultrasound and gender reveal?):

Marquel wearing a chocolate chip cookie pin on his lapel. (Do people still say “lapel”?)

Everyone confronting Andrew about his alleged racist remark, then turning on JJ for being a rumormonger. (Well, that backfired.)

Cody’s hair.

Seeing Marcus mack on a bunch of girls during previews of Bachelor in Paradise, which has clearly already been filmed, then watching him get all teary over Andi five seconds later.


Random girl in a romper crashing Chris Harrison’s interview with Farmer Chris and giving him (Farmer Chris) her number.

Chris Harrison awkwardly joking with Andi that she’s pregnant. (No, don’t bring out the ultrasound tech again!)

Chris Harrison referring to himself as “daddy” at one point.

Finding out that Marcus is actually a player.

Oh, and Brian is still afraid of pickles.

So, there ya have it. Make sure to tune in next week for the finale (when she had better pick Josh or I quit). Also, make sure to enter our Girls’ Night In giveaway if you haven’t already! Trust me, you don’t want to miss this one.

(PS – I also have a great cookbook giveaway going on. I’m basically Oprah right now.)

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