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Sun-Dried Tomato Hummus

Creamy dreamy hummus flavored with sun-dried tomatoes plus a secret ingredient: Greek yogurt! Apparently we are getting ready to head into back-to-school season. Or, at least that’s what Target and Staples commercials are telling me. I’m at that stage of life where back-to-school is something happening to “other people”. I have been out of school …

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Homemade “Be My Valentine” Cakes

These creme-filled, heart-shaped cakes are a homemade version of the beloved seasonal Little Debbie “Be My Valentine” Cakes. Happy Valentine’s Day, my loves! Are you doing anything to celebrate today? Boyfriend and I are staying in tonight and making a nice dinner. Nothing too crazy – mostly because neither of us is willing to brave …

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{Friends First with The Law Student’s Wife} Orange Almond Granola Bars

These Orange Almond Granola Bars are bursting with citrus, coconut, and honey and are a perfect way to fuel your morning or keep you going in the afternoon. Hellooooooo! Welcome to February! I’ve been freezing my butt off over here in the Polar Vortex (a phrase which I cannot stand, by the way), so I …

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